Florida, USA--Sport Masters L.L.C. announces the launch of the first item in a new line of personal care products targeted specifically for athletes: Anti-chafing Creme. is a chamois creme specifically designed to prevent and treat the chafing and discomfort experienced by cyclists, triathletes, distance runners, surfers, and other elite athletes. Sport Masters president Guy “Conrad” Cancelmi realized there was a need for something to ease the discomfort that many athletes experience after extended exercise. “We recognized a real gap in the market for this type of product,” stated Cancelmi, long time triathlete, spin instructor, and personal trainer. “There were only a few products on the market. After researching, we realized that what was available was hard to find, expensive, and quite frankly, most were ineffective.” The solution was found when Sport Masters partnered with Product Quest, an FDA licensed and regulated OTC drug manufacturer to create the quintessential skin care product. “ is definitely the best product available to eliminate discomfort while riding, running, etc.” said Cancelmi. “We knew we had a hit when all of our product testers kept coming back for more samples.”

And Sport Masters design team tackled a somewhat “indelicate” product and made it approachable with their edgy, yet comic and whimsical logo.
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