AsMaster is currently looking for small businesses, clubs, groups, coaches ect. to offer the AsMaster product to their members/customers at discounted pricing. AsMaster currently has three levels of partnership.


  • AsMaster Coach Partner

    We offer our coaches discounted prices. Once registered with AsMaster, just login to to receive a great product at great prices.

  • AsMaster Club Partner

    Clubs and groups can offer its members great discounted prices directly through the AsMaster website. Once the organization is registered with AsMaster, the organization would merely provide a list of members and the prices fall. AsMaster with send all of the organization's members an email with editable credentials to login to where the members can take advantage of great discounts.

  • AsMaster Retail Business Partner

    This is our highest level of partnership offering great discounted prices. This partner must display the AsMaster product on shelf in a retail environment. No invoicing/order forms ect. our business partners login to and place online orders at discounted rates. AsMaster makes it easy for business to order inventory with fast delivery.

To take advantage of these great benefits, contact

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